7 powerful ways your website can attract top talent


The competition to attract top talent for accounting firms is fierce.

With fewer people going into financial service industries — and the Great Resignation showing no signs of slowing down — accounting firms must use all available resources to attract top candidates.

In response, senior executives are asking their marketing teams to pitch in to find talent. These marketers are turning to an often forgotten tool to attract potential recruits: their company’s website. Unfortunately, not every website is built with this audience in mind.

Your website is the center of your employer brand

Like the journey buyers take when evaluating you as a service provider, potential employees are searching for information to help them make the right career choice. It’s common practice today for job seekers to check a company’s website for information about its culture, leadership team and services in preparation for a job interview. 

Will they be able to find this information on your website?

If your website is disorganized or rarely updated, you risk scaring away your top prospects. Your website is a critical component of your employer brand, so it’s essential that you prioritize updating or redesigning it with future job candidates in mind. Let your website tell the story of your company’s culture, values and expertise.

Use your website to put your best foot forward

Let’s examine the seven best practices to attract the recruits you need:

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