3 financial tools that can improve efficiency


Would you be shocked to learn that the average employee is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes per day? It’s no wonder that one of the most common self-reflective questions is, “How can I be more efficient?” Efficiency is a hot topic in every organization, but defining efficiency and then implementing efficient practices in a company’s operations are not always simple tasks. For CPAs especially, taking time away from a demanding schedule to develop a plan to optimize certain processes may seem like an impossibility.

In the accounting profession, defining efficiency involves understanding the company culture, identifying the organization’s goals and determining measurable metrics to identify success. A proactive solution for improving productivity is to implement tools that promote efficiency. Fortunately, new and evolving technologies provide CPAs and financial advisors with a wide variety of powerful tools designed to do just that. By leveraging the powerful functions of spreadsheets, automated report generation and customizable financial templates, accounting professionals can make their standard processes more dynamic, effective and efficient than ever before.

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