Driving a Business Strategy that Accomplishes the Owner’s Personal Goals

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You’ve spent months or even years developing the product or service of your dreams. You’ve brought it to market, hired a team, and found your niche. Sales are strong and life is good. But have you really given the most important thing its due consideration?


As a founder or owner, the business you love is also a means to accomplishing your personal financial goals. In other words, your business strategy should directly impact your own financial goals and objectives, like retirement and your legacy.

We’ll explore this multi-layered topic in an in-depth webinar, Driving a Business Strategy that Accomplishes the Owner’s Personal Goals. Brought to you by CLA and Entrepreneur, the webinar will be moderated by John Richter, Strategic Project Leader for CLA serving in a variety of capacities around growth, marketing and culture spending.

Richter will be joined by speakers Steve Davis, CEO and Owner at Coblaco, Dan Horner, Founding Partner of True Homes, and Samantha Metcalf, Managing Principal, Private Industries at CLA.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • The importance of connecting the owner’s personal financial and personal legacy goals to the business strategy
  • Risk management for ownership inside and outside the business
  • Governance and management factors to be considered when connecting the personal and financial goals of a privately held organization
  • And much more

The Driving a Business Strategy that Accomplishes the Owner’s Personal Goals webinar will take place live on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 3PM EST/ Noon PST.

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